Thursday, October 15, 2009

Frozen tomatoes are slippery

Melissa, a fellow nurse and my gardening mentor, told me that she freezes tomatoes when she does not have time to can them. I tried it out this summer, washing my tomatoes, slicing them in half, and throwing them in a freezer ziplock whenever the bounty was more than we could handle (which was a lot!). I'm not great at using the freezer: things tend to go in and we never hear from them again. In an effort to reform, I pulled out some of the bright red orbs and gave them a whirl in Emeril's Tomato soup:

We've made it with the goat cheese dumplings before and, while they *are* delish, its just as nice and takes half the time to just spoon on a few dollops of goat cheese when plating.

The tomatoes were a great success in the soup, although I did learn a valuable lesson: freeze the tomatoes in the form you will use them! The recipe called for tomatoes peeled and seeded. I dumped the frozen tomatoes into boiling water which peeled them effectively, but they became mush way before they were thawed enough to seed, so I gave up and chopped them, spraying at least one all over myself as they slid all over the cutting board.

Still, a great success in extending the tomato season.

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