Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Beginning (hopefully)

The Hubs and I had a co-quarter-century-crisis the other night, both of us feeling like we're not really doing what we want to be doing "when we grow up." Life is not quite as glamorous and glitzy as we had pictured it (I blame our generational position, being told that we could be anything and anywhere we want to be. No one said work would still feel like work and bills are still boring). Hubs' solution: sign up for a physics class at Washtenaw Community College. If he likes it? Maybe go back for a (nother) Masters.

My solution? Unknown. Unlike Physics-Head, I don't acctually *know* what my passion is. Write a book? Knit like hell? Becoming a pastry chef? Pop out the babies? (Well, we *know* I want that one... :) ). So the current solution, I think, may be right here: an outlet for creativity/a catalyst for one. Blogging. Doing something a little bit creative, even if no one out there is listening, I hope will help me feel a bit more directional.

So, my first post since...what? Last year? How long ago did we set this blog up? Ah well, my first post since then: knits! I just saw the gorgeously pregnant Joanna and gave her the finished "Sweet Pea" onesie, so now I can post it. I had a fun making this, although the pattern with the leaf lace that all of Ravelry seemed to use to edit their onesie was no longer available, so I had to find another pattern with lace in it, but after that it was pleasant knitting that maybe went on a little too long during the skirt. ("Miles of stockinette" was I think the phrase used by one Ravelry-er.) I'm thrilled with the result and will definitely make again!

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