Friday, October 29, 2010

"Tips with Tips" class

Mom and I attended a class at "Bake!", Zingerman's Bakery's cooking school, last night. We learned how to do a crumb coat and final coat of frosting on a cake, and how to work with a piping bag using star tip, petal tip, leaf tip, basketweave tip, and round tip. Then we all got to decorate a cake and bring it home. It was grand fun! We did a lot of practicing on parchment paper and then scraping the frosting back into our bags and practicing again, which is something I think I will do in the future before decorating a cake, so as to get my "sea legs" for piping. (This is a photo of the instructor's parchment, not mine! Mine didn't look this good, but in theory I know how to make all of these shapes.)

We were both very proud of the cakes we created:

...kind of hard to see them, since they gave us very pale pink and green frosting to work with.

This is our second Bake! class that we've taken with Zingerman's, the first being a cinnamon roll class that we also enjoyed. We like the structure of the classes: lots of time to get it done (this class was 4 hours) and we noticed that a few things were cut from last night's class because we were a "slower" class and they chose to give us plenty of time to practice. They also only have about 10 or 12 people per class, with three instructors, so you get lots of help. Which is good for $100 for a four-hour class. (Much like their bread and other food, you get a great product and pay top dollar for it.)

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