Monday, November 29, 2010

FO: Julia, and my favorite kind of mail

Finished Julia from the Rowan Classic Summer book. (Actually I finished it at the beginning of November during my flight to Omaha so I could wear it to String of Purls when I got there.) I love it so much! The milk cotton feels beautiful, I love the color, and the fit is divine! I was so panicked while stitching it up because the back blocked about 3 inches longer than the front, but it turned out great. I got lots of compliments, including Phyllis at SOP who said "You have such a good eye for what will look good on you. Now I want to make that," which I think is the best compliment. Mostly people have *not* commented, (in-laws at Thanksgiving, I'm looking at you!) I think because it doesn't look hand-made? Which I love: you don't want people go immediately say, "oh, did you make that?" My only disappointment is that now it's not quite warm enough, as it's getting quite frosty out. I wish I'd finished it earlier, but boy was it a long process! Size two needles! Eek!

New yarn for The Hubbs' Argyle Sweater came in the mail today! There will also be a silver-grey, which will make this look less Halloween-ey, I hope. That is on back-order, so we shall see when it gets here. Probably good that it didn't arrive yet, so that I will stay focused on the hoodie for my nephew. I've just gone up to size 2 years on that, because at 9 months he's busting out of his 12-18 month clothes, and I've got to get him in the sweater before he outgrows it!

When I went to Omaha last month, I had some time to kill and thought a fitting goodbye would be a trip to the zoo, since I spent so much time there taking everyone who came to visit. Decision: going to the zoo alone is kind of weird!

This is the prairie dog hill: it is covered in peacocks and skunks! Some zoo workers told me that the new manager will not let them remove anything, including a dozen skunks!

Walking by the big cat cages with no one around was scary! I know this is stupid, but with no one around it felt like the bars would disappear and the cats would hop out and eat me (Sorcerer's Stone-style) and no one would notice. They are so big when it's just you and them and the dinky little bars!
Pretty birds making out
Baby monkey on top: so cute!

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