Wednesday, November 17, 2010

FO: OWLs finally!

This baby took me almost a year to finish, what with all of the ripping back and re-figuring, and doing lots of other projects in between. My yarn, Berroco Pure Merino, is a worsted and the pattern calls for Chunky, so I ended up making the biggest size in order to make it fit. I also had to rip back the yolk after deciding that the owls were in the wrong place (since they don't take up the entire yolk like they do in the chunky) and ripping back the sleeves, which were too long.

I finally finished sewing in the ends on my recent trip to Omaha, where I went to pack up the rest of the stuff in our house, which has sold after 15 months! Yayayay! We got to move last week into a rental house in Ann Arbor that we love, and I think today I established myself as the crazy person next door taking these pictures of myself: I am almost certain that my neighbor saw me!

I do love the sweater: the yarn is super warm and I really like the buttons Cara helped me pick out. I think I did something wrong with the waist shaping on the back, as I don't think its supposed to be that noticeable, but everyone seems to think it is a purposeful pretty back design, so I'm happy. My only complaint is the ladders up the sleeves, which I am hoping will become less noticeable as I wear the sweater more?

And I love the house: there is a bright and sunny office off the back with lots of windows, and I have spent the last two mornings back here writing. Hopefully it will continue to inspire me to write, and I will show you pictures as soon as we get it decorated!

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  1. Thank you for stopping by at All Fingers and Thumbs. That is one gorgeous jumper - congratulations :)