Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dining room curtains and corinces

The before of the dining room: pretty bland!

Whipped up some curtains... (see how they match the colors in the pictures :) )

And cornices around the sliding door and the kitchen window:

Now so pretty and colorful

The cornices are Styrofoam, big sheets of insulation from the hardware store. I cut them to 6"x the length of the window plus a few inches. Then I cut two side pieces, 6"x5" for the door, 6"x3" for the kitchen window. The side pieces are affixed to the front with straight pins, some tacky glue, and a piece of tape. (very technical!).

The fabric, 9" wide, along with some thin batting, is wrapped tight around the Styrofoam and also attached with pins.

I saw a tutorial online that said you should make a sort of shelf with styrofoam and then the whole thing will just "set" on top of your window. Our door already has a plastic thing that went across the top, so we just taped it to that, and the one over the kitchen window is just wedged into the very narrow space between the window frame and the cupboards. It's not super professionally done, but you can't see it and hey, it's a rental!

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