Friday, December 3, 2010

My favorite activities with my favorite lady

My mom's birthday was yesterday. She came over and we headed out to the lovely Whitmore Lake Yarn Company to select yarn for Mom's Eastlake. (This was a process involving calling every yarn shop in a 1-hour radius to find one that carries Inca Gold. The few that carried did not have stock, so we had to settle for going to look at the color card, so we could at least see our colors Live and In Person).

I also bought some yummy peach-colored Opal yarn for my Austin Hoodie, and learned a provisional cast-on last night from this very nice resource. Wait! Wasn't I supposed to be finishing Logan's hoodie? Won't this mean that when the yarn arrives for The Hubbs' and Mom's sweaters, I'll be knitting three sweaters at once? Yes. Whoops....

Then we decorated the tiny fake tree, which made it all-around my Favorite Day.

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