Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Snow! Oh! I wanna wash my hands, my face and hair with Snow!"

It was coming down in fat flakes when I woke up...

Trying to be excited about it. We were lucky with a very mild fall, but that's all over now. I experienced a lessening of my seasonal depression in Nebraska because the sun shines there all winter. I'm a bit wary to see how it will be back here in the land of the clouds. For now, though, it's untouched and pretty.

And speaking of recycling, these shelves were made by my dad and had been in the hallway leading to my room at my parents' house as long as I can remember. They migrated to Omaha with us, and now they too are Michiganders again, and The Hubbs has painted them green for me to add some spark to the office.

We sent our books away to live in my brother's basement when we put our house on the market (16 months ago!) and they're finally back! I missed you, books! Putting them back up was more of a pleasure than I can say.

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