Tuesday, December 7, 2010


First, the Austin Hoodie, for which Mom picked the color and I really like it! I was planning to go with grey, but this is all the store had enough of and she loved it, so I got it. I promised myself that I would just cast on and then get back to Jay, but then I wanted to see how the provisional cast-on made the rolled hem. So I did that, promising myself that I would then put this down. But I didn't do a gauge swatch, and I wanted to see, once I switched to the bigger needles, if I was on gauge or would have to frog. So I did just a couple of rows to check gauge, and it was on! ...then just a couple of rows more and now I have several inches and I swear I'm putting this down until at least after I get Jay done, as it is for Christmas, and then I really will work on the stuff for Mom and The Hubs....

I know some people have trouble knitting for themselves, but I tell you I really have trouble knitting for others! I must be a very selfish knitter! :)

In my defense, Jay is really a quick knit and is already halfway through, which I think is admirable since I knit the whole back in the 12-18mo size and then frogged after last seeing Logan since, at 9 months, he is straining the zippers on his clothes of that size. This is the 2 year size and if it doesn't fit, so help me, I'm finding another baby to give it to!

Lastly, the latest project in Operation: Decoration is curtains for the dining room to add color and cover up the hideous rental plastic blinds. I made one curtain yesterday and it took ALL DAY, even without lining, since I am an inexperienced sewer and I did all of the folding and pressing for the hem like a good girl, instead of my usual slap-dash approach. Now I have Second Curtain Syndrome, and we shall see if the other one gets done today.

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