Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ruffley pillow

Made this pillow from EliseBlaha's tutorial. It was really easy and fun to make. I was a bit short on fabric, so mine has fewer strips than hers, which means that if you look at it from below you can definitely see up its skirts to the seams and raw edges. And even with her trick of putting the last strip closer so it wouldn't fly still flew up, so I hand-tacked it to the strip below it. I could probably do that for all of them so that all the seams are more covered, but...I'm probably not going to.

My other difficulty was keeping the rows straight, since you're freehanding the sewing on of the strips and the patterned fabric did not give me any landmarks for straightness. You can see the serious creep in this picture of the back. It doesn't show on the front, but it kind of made it difficult to turn it into a pillow, since one side was so crooked.

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