Friday, February 18, 2011


I have not made a physical scrapbook in a few years: I've been addicted to Shutterfly albums and their speed and lack of having little bits of paper spread throughout an entire room that tends to happen when I have a scrapbook going. It also carries a certain amount of guilt with it: "I should have this done, I should have my college book done, I should do this more..." so I end up just not doing it because I feel like I'd have to start back 5 years, and I really don't like doing hobbies out of guilt. But anyhoo, I have decided to try and streamline the process: no cute little backings for every picture, handwritten captions, lack of obsession over perfect chronological order. My goal is to get all of the photos I have from Omaha into a book over the next five days that I have off of work, and I'm already making progress. Love these photos of the beautiful Emily's wedding...from 2 years ago.

And I'm remembering why I liked doing this. It's fun and soothing. Note the pile of photos and memorabilia "organized" on the floor.

I don't like to use a lot of stickers, I think it can look cheesy and its expensive. But I opened up my grandma's sticker binder (in her scrapbooking rolley-suitcase, of course!) and oh, the stickers, they call to me! Must resist the siren call of adorable Halloween stickers!

If I could have my Grandma back there would be a lot of things that I would say, a lot of things that I would ask. Now I add to that list: Grandma, when the heck did you think you would use 18 creche stickers?!

In other news, the Ypsi band had a great concert last night at the Washtenaw Community College auditorium. It was a great performance featuring a professional piccolo soloist from the US Army Band, and featuring one Mr. The Hubbs on Euphonium. I really admire the way he has gone out and found activities since we moved here: this plus hockey is really keeping him busy. He is doing a better job of it than I am. In Omaha I ran right out and joined a knitting group, but since we've moved here I've been, for some reason, even more of a homebody than usual. Must work on that.

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