Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WIP: Eastlake: we have a vest!

This is pinned at the shoulder with stitch holders, not sewn yet. I'm having a little...conniption? Many of the Eastlakes I have seen feature a line of purl stitches that falls right across the nipple line. It's not a look I am going for. My purl line just barely hovers above the girls, and that's on me...I think my mother is a hare shorter in the top-half department and I'm afraid this isn't going to fit her, and then I'll have to go back and take out a few rows of yolk, and will that make the sweater as a whole too short, meaning I'll have to go back to below the purl line and add some body?! Oi. This, of course, would be easier to determine if I had the tiny scrap of paper on which I wrote all the measurements we took the day we took measurements and determined the dimensions of the perfect sweater for her. That tiny scrap of paper which I am horrified to admit that I think the office has eaten, because it is nowhere to be seen. A few choice cuss words may have been uttered as I rifled through non-measurement-baring paper scraps today.

We got lots more snow, and I took these pictures from the window, conveniently still too sick to go out and help...

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