Monday, March 7, 2011

At Last, Done with Decorating

Huzzah! I got the valences up in the office and I am declaring myself done with decorating. The goal was never designer-perfection decorating, but I really hated feeling like I was in a white box, and now I feel like I've added some color and can move on. The biggest lesson learned is that I really hate sewing curtains! Yards and yards of fabric, taking forever to iron and hem, and your reward is a bunch of big squares! I did no sewing for the office (kind of ironic since its my sewing room!) and got the valences up in one day. Going for quick-and-dirty again, they are taped with packaging tape onto curtain rods, and the trim is glued on with fabri-tack. I can continue to add things to the house as I find them, but now at least I feel like I can go on to other projects.

With all these windows, the office is really my favorite room in the house. Even in winter, it's full of light. It has a small bathroom attached and is probably supposed to be the master bedroom, but since I work nights, we chose the smallest room with the least windows for sleeping, not wanting to waste all this good light by blocking it out so I could sleep during the day.

The fabric-covered tack board is covered in inspiration, fabric, photos, and notes to myself.

Taping the fabric onto the curtain rods took about ten minutes each, with an additional fifteen minutes for gluing on the trim. The curtains I sewed took days each, what with trying to motivate myself since it was so boring! I finally told myself, snap out of it, it's a rental house, and rocked the quick fix. I'm very happy with how it looks!

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