Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bedroom decor!

I don't have any "before" pictures of the bedroom, but picture your typical white box room in a rental house and there you have it. The picture on the wall is one we took in Etretat, France, and has some purple and yellow flowers on a cliff. I picked the curtain fabric to pick up the yellow. I'd open the curtains to get some natural light, but the windows have pink foam insulation stuffed in them for heat, and to keep out the light so it can be really dark in there when I sleep during the day (I work nights). Classy.

I covered the lampshades with gray muslin, adhering it with spray adhesive and stretching it to get out wrinkles and bubbles. I folded the edges over and attached them with double-sided tape on the backside. The yellow trim is self-adhesive trim tape, which is a brilliant invention.

The only problem with the lampshades is that, when the lamps are on, you can see the places where the fabric is folded over to the backside, and it's kind of unsightly up close. I could trim the fabric to exactly fit and then glue the edges with fabric-tack, but that sounds really unpleasant and also might not look neat. I think for now I will probably just ignore it and hope I forget about it, because otherwise I'm very happy with how the room looks.

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