Thursday, March 31, 2011

FO: Eastlake

Pattern: Eastlake by Norah Gaughan
Yarn: Berroco Inca Gold, which is the yarn the pattern calls for. The drape is lovely and it's so soft! We'll see how it wears over time...
Time to complete: 3 months
Mods: We didn't think that the casual look of the ribbing on the bottom matched the dressiness of the rest of the sweater, so I just did a couple of rows of purling at the bottom with a size 6 needle before moving up to the size 7 for the rest of the sweater. My mother teaches middle school and she does not like to wear low-necked shirts to work, so I raised the neck about an inch. I was really pleased that the shape stayed intact, because I think the square-round neck is really lovely on her. She also wanted long sleeves, so I cast on a few less than the recommended start of the sleeves (which are supposed to start on your forearm for 3/4-length sleeves) and increased up to the required number of stitches for the top of the sleeve. We didn't want the bulk added by the eyelet and ribbing rows around the upper arm in the original pattern, so I omitted those, using instead 2 bands of purling by the sleeve cuff.

I cracked up when I showed up at Mom's house for the photo shoot: she's wearing a necklace I made for her when I was about 12.

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