Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Inspiration, and cooking

mmmm, crafting books! I find the fact that I "don't sew" irrelevant to the fact that I just bought two books on sewing. I'm in need of a little inspiration, and one of these days I'm going to dive right in, I swear!

...for now I just stalk a lot of sewing blogs. :)

The Hubbs made bagels. Last time he did we dipped the tops in grainy goodness and seeds, and it all fell off, so this time he kneaded in our grain mix and they were chewy and delicious!

And we made Smitten's green bean salad with pickled onions. We about doubled the "non-green bean stuff" (onion, almonds, fennel) to "green bean" ratio and Holy. Crap. it was good. Also made the lemon pasta, but only used about 2T lemon juice, compared to her 1/4 cup. Yeah, I could pretty much call this blog "the girl who made everything Deb made and yup, it was good."

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