Monday, March 14, 2011

Learning to Sew: machine troubles

Am attempting to replicate this adorable owl-appliqued tote from Stitch by Stitch (applique pattern NOT provided in the pattern section of the included CD, may I add).

My dear Huskystar E10 (must think of a better name for her) has been having some problems for a while now: tangles in the bobbin department, tension issues. I discussed with the Viking representative at Jo-Ann Fabrics, who, after scolding me for touching the tension knob, said that problems below are usually from something you did wrong above and vice versa. Meaning that if I thread the top of the machine wrong, or if the thread slips out of the tension disks or the lever...thingy, I'll get knots under my work, and if the bobbin is not properly placed it will manifest on the top of my work. Good to know, but when I went home I discovered that, first of all, the knob I had adjusted wasn't even the tension, it was the presser food pressure knob (uh oh) and I am having problems both above and below my work. Check out the puckering:

And this photo, see how near the bottom my stitches are nice and flat while at the top they meet in the middle, which they are supposed to do underneath the work? :

And about the hundredth time this happened, I threw up my hands and decided it was time to seek professional help:

So Husky (Husky Hannah? Helen Huskinator?) and I are going in for a checkup, and I will undoubtedly be off sewing for several days. I'm NOT happy...think I'm addicted.

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