Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tomato starting

The bulbs I planted in the fall are not even peeking through yet, though those at my brother's house and at the hospital are growing like crazy. Gr! I'm nervous about them, given the clay-ey-ness of the soil around the house, their shady locations, the lateness with which I planted them, and because I never really believe the little bulbs I stick in the ground in the fall will really "work." Every spring I gasp with surprise and pleasure when I see, as The Secret Garden so lovingly puts it, "sharp little pale green points" sticking up out of the earth. But, gardening is, if nothing else, an exercise in optimism, and today I started some tomatoes.

Last year I had little success with starting seeds in the basement with a florescent light on them. Today at the gardening center I saw this genius-looking mini greenhouse and decided to give it a whirl. Seeds go in the little mesh-wrapped peat pellets, clear plastic top goes on until they sprout, leave them on a windowsill until ready to plant. What could go wrong? (ha. ha.)

I recently read The $64 Tomato, and I'm interested in tracking how much "money saving" I really do growing my own tomatoes. Home-grown tomatoes are delicious, and vine-ripened heirloom ones are too soft to make it home from the store and simply must be available in your backyard. So it's not like if this isn't financially efficient I'll stop doing it, but I'm still interested to know how much this is costing or saving me. So far, obviously in the red:



Tomato seeds, starting kit $20


This doesn't count the $3 I spent on Sweet Pea seeds. (Yes, it's time to plant Sweet Peas already!) You can't put a price on beauty, right? :)

They're soaking overnight and then into the ground they go!

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