Friday, April 15, 2011

Whole-Wheat Rolls

Yes, that is what I'm reading. Don't hate.
When The Hubbs started making bread a few years ago...I stopped making bread. He was so into gluten windows and crumb structure and measuring by started to seem easier to just convince him he wanted to make bagels than to make them myself. But this week I was craving some whole-grains-ey rolls and decided to put on my big-girl pants and make them myself.

These are from Hitz's BAB, and I had some issues.  I wanted to incorporate my Harvest Grains, and I for some reason I decided that I HAD to pre-soak the grains so they'd be nice and soft. I put the called-for water, hot, in the grains and soaked, then drained off the water and put it in the bread dough. This of course left some water behind, the stuff that had gone into the grains, and so my dough was really tough. Like, burn out my industrial-strength-motor-KitchenAid tough. Emergency call:

Me: the mixer just stopped. And it won't go again. Um...this has happened to you before, right?
Hubbs: No.
Hubbs: Try resting the dough in the fridge for 30 minutes to loosen up the gluten. 

Which I did and it worked: the mixer and the dough evidently just needed some time apart and then both played nice after that. But perhaps in the future, I'll leave the bread-baking up to the experts.


I also had all sorts of issues getting soaked, slippery grains to incorporate, and when I make these again (cough, get Hubbs to make them...) I'll try not soaking them OR adding them in right at the beginning instead of after the dough is already kneaded.

In other news, the office has looked like this for almost two weeks now. Good thing I don't have dogs. Or kids.

Because I have no experience buying fabric, I bought 3.5 yards of this fabric from Ikea and only needed 2 yards for this dress, view B.  Whoops! It's also a bit see-through, so I'm learning how to make a lined dress...scary.

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  1. Having tasted the rolls, I don't think the problem was too much gluten. I think it was that they were TOO FULL OF NOMS. The mixer just shut down to savor them for a while.