Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vacation with a one-track mind

The Hubbs and I have just triumphantly returned from a wonderful trip to Scotland. We spent three nights in Edinburgh, then four in a converted monastery in The Highlands on Loch Ness. It was a beautiful trip, focused on castles and learning to drive on the wrong side for The Hubbs, and mostly focused on fibers for me! I was thrilled to meet up with the lovely Debi from My Happy Sewing Place in Edinburgh. She was so kind as to show me around some Non-JoAnns-type fabric shopping and we had a grand time!

The loot: some lovely fabrics and also trims, about which I'm really excited. Debi and I were both inspired by the recent Common Thread project over at Sew Weekly, and we picked up some trimmings to experiment with.

The Hubbs was so kind to drive me out to Shilasdair Yarn Company on the Isle of Skye...and I DO mean kind, because it was a several-hours drive down one-lane, two-way winding roads along the whole length of the breathtaking island. Worth it?  Um, YES!  The white is British-originated cashmere/angora/merino. The gray is baby alpaca and the pink is...100% baby camel! Yesssss.

But I found these note cards to be the most inspiring things at the store:

Gorgeous pieces of fiber artistry for everyday life!

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  1. Wow! The monastery looks AMAZING! Love the sheepy and highland coo notecards! Glad you were able to find a fabulous yarn shop! It was so much fun meeting up with you :-)