Friday, September 16, 2011

Baby-themed crafting begins!

I distinctly remember, when Jon took these pictures over the past few months, thinking "wow! I look soooooo pregnant!".....

um, PEOPLE! Those pictures of Bellies Past are nothin' compared with what we've got going now. We went on a little babymoon to Mackinac Island this weekend and at least three people a day asked me when I was due. As my friend Karen said, "I'd give up my seat on the subway for you."  The great thing about being so obviously pregnant (instead of just feeling like I look fat) is that you can do things like pick up one of everything at the Grand Hotel Lunch Buffet dessert table and have people think its cute. (One man asked me if that was what the doctor ordered. Um, baby NEEDS chocolate-dipped marshmallows, sir!)

The baby-themed crafting is also well underway. Invites went out for the baby shower open house...they may or may not have glittery confetti in them. Don't hate: its the hormones that make me do this. After being presented with a powerpoint presentation along with fabric samples (yes, really) of options, Jon helped me select owls for our nursery theme...a selection process that I have been treating like I think it's a rocket launch, and I seem to think everyone else should think so too.

(Identifying info un-skillfully blurred. I should really learn to photo edit with something other than MS Paint)

Cute owl fabrics abound right now, and my mom and I have decided to make this quilt. Neither of us, by the way, know the first thing about quilting, BUT, there is a local quilting artist, Dawn Redick, in the Ann Arbor area who makes beautiful quilts and her business, Quilted Treasures, is going to help us out. She's going to give us lessons, and she also does finishing and will do the actual quilting part. (She will also, I imagine, be doing most of the real artistry, and just letting Mom and I think we're helping, but hey, that's the service I'm paying for here.) (If you live in the AA area and are looking for quilts made to order, have quilt tops you need finished, or want lessons, she is at

Lots of knitting has also been happening, and LOTS of moneys spent at the yarn store, some for me and some for gifts: babies abound right now! I picked up this book which I find super inspiring, especially the bird mobile: what a sad little baby nursery. I know! I'll put a bird on it!

George checking out some owl and bird fabrics...not that I ever let the cat on the table!


  1. You're so *right!* A George is exactly what that was missing...from now on I'll call you when I do crafts for final edit and George placement