Saturday, September 24, 2011

Nursery part 1

Since Jon must do any painting that is to be done so I don't breathe the fumes while pregnant, he was at first none too excited when I proposed squares on one wall of the nursery. I promised him I would do all the  taping for the whole project, and he would only have to fill in the colors. 

Well, last night, after an episode involving tears and throwing the non-working laser level across the room in frustration, someone less hormonal than me had to take over the taping. SO, aside from a few bits of tape, he really did this whole project, including picking out the colors, at which he is much better than I.  The other walls, not done yet, are going to be just the pink color. 

I was so happy when I walked in the room I did an HGTV-style gasp and just gaped at it. It turned out more beautiful than I had ever pictured it, and I told Jon, "we're putting NOTHING on that side of the room to cover this up! It will just be empty so people can admire it!"

1 comment:

  1. Having seen it in person, I must say that it looks way better in person than in the picture as the colors are nowhere near as beautiful in the picture as on the wall. It is an amazing color pop.