Saturday, October 29, 2011

Birthday Jams for Jon

My Love has been wearing the same pair of p'jama pants since...before I knew him. You could say they have a more committed relationship than he and I do.  It is reassuring, since he loves them despite their being saggy and ripped up and thin...the man has sticking power.  But it was time. 

Yes. Pockets. I am that good

I used his pants to make a pattern: traced them onto tracing paper, figuring if this actually worked I'd have a pattern to make a couple more pairs.  I used a t-shirt-like knit.  This is my first time sewing with knit, and it was doubly intimidating since I was using a me-made pattern, but I loved it! I've read a lot about sewing with knits: ballpoint needles and tension and walking feet....I used my regular needle, regular thread, a stitch on my machine that is a zig-zag paired with a straight stitch, and NO pins. Sure, they are not perfect, but they got me over the knit hump and I forsee a lot of loungewear in our futures.

I also rocked my other new love, wonder-under, to make this little applique friend. I had a grand time making these, and I've been getting lots of inspiration for knits to sew from Leanne.


  1. "I'd have a pattern to make a couple more pairs"

    I'll take three.