Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blanket for Emily's Belly

Finally some knitting to share! I've been working on this gift for quite some time and now that it's given I can finally brag about it. I based it off of the Blanket for Willum, using her idea of knitting the blocks in strips and then sewing together.

I'm generally happy with how this turned out, although the yarn, Nautika, had a few issues. It feels delicious, and it's machine-washable, which is my first priority when knitting for new mamas, especially non-knitting ones. However, the balls are TINY, each one only gave me about 1 1/3 squares on the blanket, and I felt like I was going though them like candy. It meant a second trip to the yarn store to buy a ton of balls, and also a lot of ends to weave it.  Also, being synthetic, it doesn't block worth a poo. I *did* block it, but you'd never know it :(.

Still, a very satisfying project, and a fun one to pick up a knit a quick square of whatever texture suits your fancy!

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