Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Quilting Weekend Away

A few weeks ago, my mom and I headed up to the Great North for a ladies' weekend. I have never packed so much for 2 nights: I brought knitting, she brought crochet. All of the fabric for quilting. Both our sewing machines. Clothes for two days. All the pillows it takes for a pregnant woman to be able to sleep. A cooler full of food. Iron cleaner AND a pressing cloth so we could use the iron in the condo--seriously people, my father is a saint for packing the car without saying a word.

We walked the beach

This is the view from our condo

We got attacked by Lake Michigan...clothes drying illegally on the railing

And then we quilted. And couldn't stop. I cut us off around 11pm

Technically, we mostly cut out pieces and ironed them together with wonder-under...does this count as quilting?  The poor sewing machines hardly even got used.

We reconnected

And made plans for next year

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