Monday, December 26, 2011

I Love Themes! : Mexican Christmas

Bananas el fuego!
Our Christmas Eve theme this year was Mexican food and I can highly recommend each of the dishes we tried from Food Network cook Marcela Valladolid: corn and poblano lasagna (add lots of extra filling), crunchy salad, tres leches cake, and especially Vanilla-Pinapple agua fresca. This is, as some reviewers pointed out, basically watered-down juice, but somehow it is spectacular: a pineapple, a little vanilla and sugar, and cold water, blend and strain out the pulp, and you're done. But it was so good, even the non-pregnant among us forewent drinking wine and just kept chugging this stuff down. It also felt very special and Christmas-ey: this will stay in the holiday rotation for sure.

Mexican Lasagna

Unappetizing picture of amazing pineapple water

Tres Leches cake with whipped cream and bananas foster

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  1. Love that first photo! What a fantastic idea to do themed christmases! :)