Sunday, March 4, 2012

Eyelet Baby Headband

My friend Kelly's baby has an adorable Mohawk, and she likes to put little bows and flowers in it. Rather than clips, her bows have round circles of velcro, which she uses to attach them to her hair. This way, there aren't hard clips that might poke the baby. I think this is genius, and I decided to take the idea one step further. This little accessory is two parts, the headband and flower separate, with velcro dots attaching them. This way, I can make multiple headbands and flowers and mix and match them. I can also make bigger headbands as her head grows and move the flowers to them. And if she ever grows some hair, I can velcro them to her hair without a band. Brilliant!

The headband is stretch lace, found with the elastic, and the flower is eyelet lace I basted and gathered and then hand-sewed into a flower. The dress is my baptism gown, made for me by my Aunt Melissa. Gorgeous, eh?

1 comment:

  1. Very good idea!! Put it on Etsy - it'll sell a ton.