Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pleated Skirt

This is a super flattering face
Pattern: New Look 6594, $5.25 on etsy
Modifications: pockets!
Fabric: quilting cotton from Joann's, $?
Notions: thread, seam tape, zipper, all joann's. lace, garage sale, $.25
...and?:  I pretty much love it, have worn it several times

This was actually completed and first worn in August, but I'm just now getting around to posting (shocker).  I added the pockets, natch, and a bit of length. My usual summer uniform is skirts and sleeveless tops or sun dresses, but this summer I realized that skirts and dresses are all too short for sitting on the ground at the park or squatting to change a diaper...what was a perfectly respectable and flattering length is now super trashy! SO, new longer casual skirts went on the to-do list.

I really love this one. The colors are outside my normal and the cotton is super comfy. I realized after purchasing the pattern that the wide-waist-band-with-pleats-or-gathers-right-at-hips might not turn out to be a good look for pear-shaped me, and for the next version (in the works) I significantly shortened the waistband to put that volume a little higher.

All-in-all, a super wearable success!

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