Saturday, November 24, 2012

Shopping My Closet: Skinnies Refashion

I'm at that place where I hate everything in my closet (first world problems), so I'm going to undertake some refashions. After a recent skirt fail (which we'll discuss some other day), I needed some success therapy, so I decided to undertake a jeans refashion that I was pretty sure would be quick and easy. (and it was.  Woot!)

These are some old bootcuts that I haven't worn since college.  I had never thought to refashion the cut of my jeans until I was inspired by Charity Shop Chic's denim posts.  Why have I never done this?!
These babies were a size too big as well, so I put them on inside out and pinned them tight all the way up, then just stitched up the pin line and cut out the excess.

I love the way they fit, although the waistband is still a hair big and I'm going to need to add a new buttonhole just inside of the last one. Still, I've already worn them twice this week and they make me feel very trendy.

Cost: free

Mama and baby matching skinnies

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  1. Dear Lord you are too cute. And the last picture is freaking adorable. Thank you for rejoining the blogging world. I have missed you!