Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Beige Beignet

Jon gave me Colette's Beignet pattern for Christmas, and I was a little nervous to dive into it (15 pattern pieces, people!)  but it really went together like a dream.  I'm super happy with how it turned out and I've already worn it twice.

The two things with which I struggled were the belt loops and the buttons.  The pattern wants you to sew up tubes for the belt loops and then turn them right side out...for me it was NOT happening with those skinny little things!  I ended up making some super elaborate belt loops out of double-fold bias tape I made out of leftover fabric, then had to hand-stitch closed in the back before attaching it.  It occurred to me at some point that I could save myself a lot of pain by allowing some stitches to show on the outside of the belt loops, but I think I had some cognitive dissonance going on...I was already so far in and I was going to achieve the exact same effect that the pattern called for using a different method, No. Matter. What.

The button holes were actually pretty easy, what with the programmable machine and all, but getting 12 buttons sewn on straight took a couple of tries.

Materials: some natural-colored poly suiting from Jo Anns, lining is a pink cotton from, 12 buttons and some stay tape

Cost: if you subscribe to the notion that things that have been in your stash for over a year are free, then I get to count just the notions and say under $10.  whee!

Time to Complete: all of January, sewing in 30-minute increments during nap times. I made a new year's resolution to sew at least 5 minutes every day, instead of waiting until I had a big chunk of time, and it really kept my momentum going and kept me excited about the project.  It also made me feel like me, to do this for myself every day.  I would actually go to do dishes or some other chore and say "no, I have to leave this and go sew."  The house may have been a little messier this month, but I felt a greater sense of self, and so I think I was a much nicer Mama and wife, so good for all in the end.

Thanks Jordan for the lovely photo shoot in Barnes and Noble! :)

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  1. Love, love, love your beige beignet (say that 10 times fast)...the photos are really cool too!!!