Wednesday, March 27, 2013

'Wearable Muslin" sundress, finished!

I am really excited to have finished up this little number! After some consideration of keeping the peplum, i decided to stick with the straight-up sundress, and I think it's a lot more wearable for my life (although still a bit fancy for taking the baby to the park...). 

The Breakdown:
Fabric:  bedsheet from a garage sale, probably $1
Pattern: Vogue 8849, $15
Notions: boning, lining, zipper, seam tape, thread, bra pads all from jo-anns; about $20
Belt kit from : $17
Total cost: about $53
Modifications: Added the self-fabric belt and a kick pleat in the back to give myself a little walking room.

The plan for this pattern eventually is to create a bridesmaid's dress...I've been invited to be in a wedding in September and am instructed to wear any navy dress as long as it's sleeveless and to my ears 'cause it means I get to come up with something on my own! The plan is to use view D of this pattern, with the underdress in a solid navy, possibly silk, and the sheer layer and peplum in a sheer plain navy (not the weird pattern styled on the envelope...)

I have assured the bride that if the dress turns out to look less-than-profesh I will be wearing something else, so she needn't worry about my mad skillz. I suppose I should get her opinion of peplums though...

My only real problem with the pattern is that the skirt is a bit tight, which I think is due to it's shape, not just that I made it too small.  This will probably require some more muslin-ing before cutting out the real deal.  And maybe it's my new mom-sensibilities, or the fact that I've been covered up all winter, but I feel like it looks a bit, well, how do you say...slutty?  I think that for all but the fanciest dates I'll be styling it with a cardi and flats, thus:

Besides, that way it looks a little better with my favorite fashion accessory:

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  1. Love your mad skillz! I also love that a Michigan winter has left you convinced that spaghetti straps are slutty. You look so cute though. And I vote for some peplum - haters at the park be damed!