Sunday, June 30, 2013


This fabric has been in my stash for awhile (like 2 years), a blue and white cotton shirting material from  I have long loved it, but took a while to find just the right project.  It was a little intimidating because I was concerned about "matching the stripes." This is something I frequently read in sewing blogs: "I love how I got the stripes to match," or "It took me hours to match the stripes."  Egads! I did not even know I was supposed to match the stripes, but now I know I will be forever a sewing fail if I do not do this mysterious thing. It's like in Cruel Intentions: everybody does it, just nobody talks about it.  Like a secret society.  So yes, I did spend hours trying to match the stripes, and also made some design decisions (perpendicular lines between bodice and belly, and between belly and skirt) so that I wouldn't have to match those.

The pattern is Butterick "Retro" 5209, and I quite love it and will be making the sleeveless version.  When I first tried it on it went past my knees and looked quite fuddy-duddy, and I think I may have over-hemmed in response, as it's just a wee bit short for the poufyness of the skirt.

The pattern calls for just the bodice to be lined, which I did with some leftover white quilting cotton.  Lining to the waist, however, left me with some itchy seams around my belly, so I added a lined demi-skirt, which makes it more comfy and gives it some volume. It definitely requires the belt, though, to push down the pouf....I'm just not 50s enough to pull off the crinoline look, I'm afraid.

Overall I'm quite happy with it and I've already worn it to a birthday party where I got a few compliments :).

Sewing this bodice was definitely a lesson: tissue fit first! And then for pity's sake, baste and check fit! The seam ripper and I spent some serious quality time together on this baby.

I said to my unsuspecting photographer, "take a closeup of my chest.  No, I'm serious. I redid it nine times, I want to show it off!"   (Thanks Jordan!)

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  1. Elise, the dress is awesome! (but a close-up of your chest is bound to solicit some hairy blog traffic). This dress makes me want to sew some clothes!