Monday, July 15, 2013

Black Slacks to Kicky Skirt Refashion


 After an involved and detailed project, I always feel a bit worn out and in need of something kind of quick-and-dirty.  These Ann Taylor pants are circa my study abroad in 2004 and haven't been worn much since.

I started by ripping out the inseam...

 slicing them at the knee...

and taking out the fabric that makes up the..well...erm...crotch.

When I sewed the new seams up it left me with a pretty cute pencil skirt and I was tempted to leave it at that, but then, where am I going to wear such a dignified piece of clothing?

I made a few more cuts and fashioned the pleats out of the leftover leg fabric.

I don't know what the correct way of placing triangular insterts is, but here's what I did: first a tiny cut at the top gave me a wee seam allowance to work with.

I sewed the pleat on to the right side of the slit, flipped it, and sewed the other side.

This left me with a little opening at the top, which I pinched on the wrong side and stitched across to get  the little pleat.

I like the little pleat, but I think there may be a bit too much of it, pulling and making that fold around the knees.

The pockets are topstiched on and lined with pink scraps. I wasn't going to have the pink show, but I became so enamored with the idea of that little detail that I rolled the lining up and topstitched in in place before attaching each pocket. The pink peeked around the edges in a few other places, which I didn't want, obvi.  Nothing a little black sharpie couldn't fix.  Yes, really.  That's how I roll.

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