Friday, July 12, 2013

Scattered Thoughts on The P Word

When I first saw the pussy bow blouse pattern, I was pretty taken aback by the name. Why is it called a "pussy bow"?! I didn't plan to use the p-word in my blog, thinking it would draw "the wrong crowd" of google searchers. Then I read this awesome article on the history behind the style and the name, and I was kind of put to shame:

"It's so feminine that it's vaginal....The renaissance of the pussy bow isn't merely a nod to '80s office attire—it's a tribute to the female pioneers in high-level executive positions; the boss ladies; the first HBICs. It's great when feminism is trendy, even if nobody realizes it."

And here I am embarrassed to use the word pussy on my blog.  How did I, the girl who performed part of "The Vagina Monologues" to my freshman speech class...the part where you just say "Vagina" over and over while looking audience members in the eyes until they look away, how did I become so prissy? Now I'm embarrassed that I was embarrassed.

And while I won't be wearing my pussy bow blouse to the office (I wear scrubs to my office and I'm thrilled for feminism, that I don't have to wear a white dress and nurse's cap!) I will think about this whenever I wear it.

It's funny how we can morph our personalities to our environments. In college you try on different ideas and personae like clothes in a dressing room, and it really surprises no one if you're the slut one day and the prude the next. Now I morph to my new role. I think a lot about "mom" things...but maybe I don't think enough about the things that my little girl needs me to keep fighting for. Maybe I've let that confrontational feminist part of my personality go too much.  When I was younger I was in love with this poem by Nicole Blackman...

“One day I'll give birth to a tiny baby girl
and when she's born she'll scream
and I'll tell her to never stop

I will kiss her before I lay her down at night
and will tell her a story so she knows
how it is and how it must be for her to survive

I'll tell her to set things on fire
and keep them burning
I'll teach her that fire will not consume her
that she must use it..."
I used to picture myself having a tiny baby girl and putting that poem up in her nursery, but when the day came I didn't even think of it. 
It's good to remember that Soph needs me to keep fighting.  I wonder what the pediatrician would say if she heard my girl using the P-word...


  1. I have always hated the p-word! In fact Jared and my sister love to say it repeatedly to me just because. I am definitely no prude, but the word makes me uncomfortable.

    Mom or not, I have no doubt that you will easily whip out that inner confrontational feminist when necessary, my friend. Soph is lucky to have you - a mom that is spouting off the p-word one minute and baking brownies the next. :)

    1. Bwa ha ha, is it as bad as "moist"?

      Love that image of myself: "brownie-baking rule-breaker". I'll have to work on that :)

  2. I too am thankful I don't have to wear the white uniform, not because of how it'd look, it's just that I hate to iron.

    1. Jared, I think you would look amazing in a white dress...