Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Two weeks ago I kissed my little family goodbye and headed for the Big Apple.  My dear friend Karen from high school leads a glamorous life there and I was going to have a taste.  "This will make me a better Mama" I told myself and everyone else who would listen. "I need this."  Was I stretching that excuse a little too far?  If you could see the full collection of pictures of Karen and I eating and drinking, you might become a little bit dubious of the altruistic nature of this little venture...

Karen was nice enough to show me around the fabric district.  I had planned to go to lots and lots of shops, but after Mood fabrics and M&J trims, I was pooped and broke so we moved on to Times Square and an off-broadway show.

This picture is symbolic of Karen's life.  She works glamorous events like runway shows and galas. The tags on the left are backstage passes to events she's not allowed to tell me about...

This creepy puppet totally photo bombed us.  I did not tip him. 

Being with Karen felt like high school again: carefree and goofy, but this time above the legal drinking age.  Here's something I would never do with anyone else: "um, excuse me, I told my friend here that men in food trucks were cute and you're living proof.  Could we get a photo with you?"  Yeah, that's not how housewife Elise rolls anymore, but on this trip the filter was off.

So was it worth it?  Not only did I have an amazing time, I'm really seeing lasting effects here at home.  I have more energy to play, I've survived 2 days of skipped naps without melting down.  Someone once said to me when I was complaining about Soph's tantrums, "our children are always delightful.  What varies is our ability to delight in them."  That totally describes how I feel right now: my trip was amazing, but my life here is delightful, and I am delighted.


  1. Mamatrips are totally healthy! I am sooo backing up your reasoning on this one.

    The delightful quote is probably true, but please tell me you wanted to smack that person when they said it to you and you were coming off a horrid day of toddler terror. I feel the same way. But some days, I just need to bitch and hear other people agree and sympathize with me. ;)

  2. Totally! Just today someone was telling me I meed to "get a handle on that, you're the mother" when I said Soph won't wear a bib and gets really messy--um, yes I am the mother of a tiny crazy person and I am picking my battles, people!

  3. "Pick your battles" is my favorite motherhood phrase - probably because it was my mom's too. I am telling Jared that all the time. Sure, stand firm on bedtime. Avery dancing around the living room with her dress over her head with zero other clothes on? ... just let it go...