Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Silk...I'm in trouble!

I got 2.5 hours uninterrupted sewing time today.  "Sweet, I can probably get a good start on the bodice,"...bwa ha ha.  I did not even finish step ONE: lay the contrast fabric (lace) down on the bodice pieces and sew them together so they are one piece from here on out.  My first try I got hideous bunching.  "ruh roh." 

In order to accomplish this step, I have to pin about an inch apart...and it's still not bunch-free.  Good thing for that seam allowance, because the lace is horribly askew by the time I'm done with a piece.  This is the first time I think I really understand what I've gotten myself into. Wedding in one month: aaaaaand start getting nervous.

On a lighter note:

(Don't panic, that's the lining fabric she's loving on)

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