Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Finished: Bridesmaid Dress

Huzzah, I finished THE dress 36 hours before the wedding! Seriously, I thought I was on track until I looked up my final step and realized that the "right" way to hem this silk dress was a handpicked rolled hem.  Egads!

This is vogue 8849 done in silk crepe de chine and an overlay of silk lace.  About $100 in materials and 2 months in labor, for anyone who's counting.

All of the seams are frenched and the hem is hand-picked, making this a far more couture garment than my own wedding dress. 

The only alteration I made was adding boning (not called for in the non-strapless versions) and turning the back neck into a low V.  I love how it mimics the V of the train and I wore my hair up to show it off.

The bridesmaids were instructed to wear navy with nude shoes, and I think we did a spectacular job of looking completely fabulous together!

The wedding was truly beautiful, Jon and I were honored to be a part of it.  Our front-row seats gave us an amazing opportunity to witness a deeply intimate and heartfelt saying of vows, and there was not a dry eye amongst the wedding party. 

Our little flower girl did a great job too! The bride, Jon's sister Kate, had the great idea of giving her a wand instead of flowers, and she happily held it as she walked me down the aisle and then proceeded to attempt to stick it up my nose while I held her for the ceremony.  My mom ducked in to steal her when she started to get rowdy, and returned her for a triumphant recessional. 

After welcoming a wonderful new brother-in-law into the fold, we took full advantage of my parents' generous babysitting and the open bar, to enjoy a much-needed date night.

It really meant a lot to me to wear a me-made garment to this special event.  Of course I was proud that it turned out so well, but I also really enjoyed the time making it.  More than just throwing something on and hopping in the wedding party, I spent a lot of thoughtful time preparing for the day, and it really elevated my experience.

I'm also really proud of how far my skills have come, and of how I took the plunge into this little endeavor.  I enjoyed every minute of making this dress....and now I'm going to enjoy making some curtains while I detox from intricacy and re-charge for my next big project!


  1. LOVE IT! It turned out amazing! You look beautiful!!!

  2. amazing-- the work you did and your beautiful self... along with your lovely family.

  3. Love ur dress! Love u! What an amazing weekend. :)