Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Skinnies: Grey and Mint

As the weather changed, I suddenly found myself with that staring-at-a-full-closet-with-nothing-to-wear feeling. (First world problems).  A couple updates, one made and one purchased, have made me feel like my whole wardrobe hit the refresh button.

Here's the before on these grey pants:

I used to think of these as trouser cut, but I think they're really just sloppy...

A quick tracing from some existing skinnies...

 Then a line of straight stitching, try on for size, and re-enforce with a zigzag...

et voila!

The other update is a purchase, not a make, but I really must show off:

I gave in to fast fashion and grabbed these minty babies from gap, and I think they really amp things up.

I love these pieces because they look really fresh without a lot of effort (let's get real about how much time I have to put together an outfit!). How about you: are you ready for fall?


  1. oohh oohh, I LOVE the mint!!!! That outfit (and lady) deserves a night out on the town!
    And love what you did with the grey pants!

  2. I LOVE the mint! Oh my goodness! And it looks great on you. I don't own a pair of skinny anything seeing as "skinny" is a word incompatible with my thighs... but you are rockin' them girl!