Sunday, December 29, 2013

Busting Through

This picture makes me so happy...

A mere 2.5 years after buying this house and knowing that we would "sometime soon" get rid of the wall between the eat-in-kitchen and the dining room, the wall is finally gone!  I know that having separate eat-in and formal dining spaces is considered a plus for real estate, but I've just never been able to understand it.  Why do I need two tables? Why have a dining room that doesn't fit my table when fully expanded for family gatherings, and another smaller table on the other side of the wall? One of those tables is going unused, people.  We went another route and just never got a table for the eat-in side, using in as ballroom space (read: empty and useless) figuring we'd be knocking down the wall "any day now".


The "ballroom"...oh that peach color! Thanks previous owners...
Well, with the relocation of Jon's sister and her hubby back to Michigan, our hand was finally forced: the family would not fit in the dining room so it was knock down that wall or relinquish Christmas hosting rights.  And I was NOT going to give up Christmas!  After getting a few estimates that seemed a bit steep, we decided we could DIY.  With three weeks till Christmas, Soph and I headed to my mom's so Jon could start demo.  We received a call from my handsome handyman shortly thereafter: "I found pipes.  And I think it's load-bearing."  Ruh Roh.

The offending water pipes

The During
The contractor graciously re-accepted us and showed up a shockingly quick 5 days later, pulling down the wall (it wasn't load-bearing after all), moving the pipes,  spiffing everything up with drywall.  It was really amazing how quickly we were "squeezed in"!  Jon even got the space painted before Christmas eve!  I somehow neglected to get a shot of Christmas dinner, with 10 adults, Soph, and a glorious Christmas spread fitting in with room to spare, but I will tell you that it was awesome! There is still work to be done: the original dining room has wood floor and the eat-in has tile, with different levels and a gap between where the wall was.  But seriously, this got done in 2.5 weeks and it looks just like I've been imagining for 2.5 years. :)

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  1. Awesome! I love that you guys tried to do the cheap route and then quickly had to go begging back to the contractor! hahaha That is SO something we would do!

    It looks awesome! I have never understood the whole idea of two tables like 2 feet from each other either. It looks waaaaay better this way! It looks like such a big space now. Merry Christmas to you, friend!