Thursday, December 5, 2013


My mother and I both get Better Homes and Gardens, and we both devour it the moment it hits our front doors.  Then follows a series of texts: "did you see the kale recipe in BHG?" "BHG page 72 for your dining room" etc. 

This month BHG encouraged us to create holiday centerpieces with trash from the yard local trimmings, and, when Mom said she was going to do it, I obviously had to step up.

The project was fun and almost free: I picked up the red berries from Whole Foods, everything else is from our Christmas tree and yard.

Lacking florist foam or a flower frog, I improvised by popping old jam jars into my buckets (stolen from a shelf elsewhere in the house) and crisscrossing washi tape over the mouths of the jars to give my vertical elements some stability.  I started with the berries and sticks, filled in all around by just shoving in tree trimmings until it looked lush, and then wove in a little ivy to hide the tape.

The front stoop got a similar treatment, with flower pods instead of berries and lots of trailing ivy.  This brass container is an antique Union Pacific spitoon, gifted to Jon by his parents when he worked at UP.  We've never known quite what to do with it, fabulous though it is, but I think it works really well in this application.

Are they really beautiful? I'm not sure, but they're a lot more interesting than the NOTHING that was there before. According to the article, "using greenery that reflects your naturally beautiful, of course."  All righty then. Of course.

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