Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Pink and Awkwardly Out of Season

This might be my least favorite make, and that's saying something, but I don't want this blog to be a brag-rag, where I only post about how fabulous it is to be me, so here goes.

The original top, a lovely pink silk button-up gift from gap, never got worn, mostly because it was too short and because my life doesn't call for a lot of button-up blouses. The brilliant plan was to use the fabric from the sleeve to make a very wide band instead of a bottom hem, leaving the button placket intact on the top half and allowing it to blouse and bit and then gather into the band. My fave feature of the top is the double-buttons down the front and I wanted to preserve that.

I'll try to condense the whining about this painful process: painstakingly unpick the sleeves, make a sleevecap pattern from them, discover that I do not have enough fabric from the sliced-off bottom to make said cap sleeves and scrap them, attach an existing white tank as a lining but discover that it will not stay rolled into the inside of the shirt and perpetually plays peek-a-boo around the bottom, the exact schlumpy look one tries to avoid by building in a lining, not have quite enough fabric to make the bottom band fit right, cut off the original bottom hem and attach it to the armholes as bias tape, discover that the armholes are too big and should have been shaped before being finished, realize that thread has run out and so this cannot happen, discover that armpits have grown fabric wings and need taken in, decide to f*ck it and throw a jacket over, take the damn picture, and move on to something more inspirational.  You'll note that I didn't even press it.  This one's for the scrap bin, I'm afraid.  Also, I started it in October, when maybe I could have gotten away with wearing it, but it took so darn long it is now New Years and I was shivering for the five minutes it took to snap the photo.  Wow, you must really feel bad for me, it is so terrible to be a tortured home seamstress.

This was an attempt to fill a gap in my wardrobe: right-sized light tops to throw on over skirts, but the fit is just so awkward I doubt it'll see much wear.  Ah well, chalk it up to a learning experience.  I also find that when I attempt a refashion the results don't tend to fit my "oh, this'll be easy, the garments almost done, a couple hours tops..." expectations, and then my inspiration quickly fizzles.  Time for a new project, I think.  You know, the kind where you start at the beginning and at least know you'll have enough fabric for sleeve caps...

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