Saturday, January 11, 2014

Video Tutorial: Transferring Pattern Markings on Knits

I was seriously struggling to wrangle this knit fabric for my next project.  How to lay out? How to cut without wrinkles? How to transfer all of the markings for the ten thousand tucks?  A couple little revelations that really helped me:

When cutting into your knit fabric, lay it out single-layer on a large piece of carpet and then smooth the wrinkles.  The carpet will hold the fabric just as you set it, and now you can lay out your pattern pieces.  Seriously, I spent a long and frustrating time trying to fold my fabric and get the fold smooth enough to cut out my "cut on fold" pieces.  Stop the madness and cut it single-layer! Lay out your pattern piece, cut around, flip it over the "place on fold line" and cut out the other half.  Easy and fast!

My next little stroke of genius came when transferring pattern markings: why bother with sticking pins through each little dot when you've got a fabric "sticky" enough to hold the pattern piece in place? You can see the markings right through the pattern piece, if you fold the pattern right on the markings, you can trace them right beneath.  Maybe this was already obvious to everyone but me, but I kind of blew my own mind with this little shortcut, so I just had to share with you.  Enjoy!

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