Monday, March 17, 2014

Knit Tunic, Take 1

I finished Butterick B5354 in January, but then followed a rough patch (yes, for those of you following along, my last post was a thinly-veiled pregnancy announcement.  14 weeks now, if you care...) so I haven't gotten around to posting it until now. I started this top pre-positive test, but made it with maternity in mind. It's not a maternity top and it certainly won't last all the way to September, but it's a roomy knit and should see me through another month or so. 

I enjoyed this project, it was quick and easy (as promised in the name) but I feel like it's shapely and I love the tuck detail around the neck and the gathered sleeve caps.  

Bump Watch, 2014, is she or isn't she? (she is) 

I am pretty disappointed in my fabric choice though. This is yardage I bought in NYC and it's a surprisingly un-stretchy knit, and very wrinkle-prone.  Like, I had to iron for the photo shoot.  Iron a knit.  It's not right, people. 

This pattern will see some more love, probably a good one on which to try out different types of knits.  How do you know, in the store, or for that matter online, how a knit will behave after it's washed up and sewn? What key words do I need to look for?  (Does this remind anyone else of a terrible "Carrie Bradshaw column"? "How do you know when a knit is right for you?") Seriously, any advice you may have, show some love in the comments.  I think I'll be dealing exclusively in knit fabrics for the next 6 months so I'd better get pretty good at it. 

Including this picture is payment to my photographer...

Holiday-inappropriate.  She is wearing a "who needs luck when you're this cute" St Patty's shirt under this, I swear.

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