Friday, April 25, 2014

It's a....

Quilt!  (For the baby BOY in my belly!)

Here's the to-die-for inspiration quilt:

Chevron baby quilt by freshlypieced, via Flickr She states frustrating of piecing due to sew, press, trim; sew, press, trim.  Paper piecing might be faster.  Deciding if it's worth it because I so love this design, she's so talented! This could be an awesome modern Christmas quilt for my house.
That's right, after making ONE quilt, my mother and I have decided that we can go it not only without our instructor...but without a pattern.  Because, hey, "how hard could it be?"  Yeah. (so far kinda hard.  I blew my own mind doing the fabric-buying maths.)  BUT, as we keep reminding each other, we're making a quilt for a baby, so whether it turns out to be a work of art or pretty crappy, he's gonna puke on it either way.  I have always loved this post from Elise Blaha: 

"This quilt is not for sale, it's for our bed. In the next few years we'll get tired of it and it will be an extra blanket for when guests come or when our kids build forts. It's just a quilt for our family. My stitches that hold it all together are very crooked and I didn't do any measuring or lining up so the edges are not quite even. But it covers our bed at that was the point. I realized while wrapping up this project that I am most effective with DIY projects when I care about something being vibrant, not perfect. Fear of imperfection is a big hold up."
 And so, we quilt away, fearlessly.  (right Mom? ...Mom?)

The quilt will mostly be the grey and white on the right of the picture, and lined up on the left you can see the vibrant colors we've chosen for the nursery: a nautical navy and white (shocker, I know) with pops of red and aqua. If you want to die of cuteness, check out my nautical nursery pin board. 

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  1. I can't believe I've missed these posts! But I am SO EXCITED to see how this turns out!!