Sunday, April 20, 2014

Men's Pullover --> Granny Cardi Refashion

 We're not so great at careful laundry around here, and I can legitimately say that I don't know who shrunk this lovely merino sweater of Jon's but it is equally likely to be either of us.  Sad for him, yay for me...I mean...yeah, that's what I meant.

It was very boxy and ugly on me, but taking things in at the sides is not really practical at the moment, as my sides keep expanding.  So I decided to cardi it up.  Something about the color demanded antique lace, and I went for the whole trendy grandma/anthro look.  (If I have to tell you that this is trendy grandma, does that mean that I didn't so much succeed at making it trendy grandma...?)

And I'm confident those buttons will actually button...someday

The project cost about $15 in lace and buttons from jo-anns, and I used a woven ribbon from my stash to reenforce the backs of the button plackets on both sides.

I just cut off the existing neckline to open it up a little farther (it was pretty tight) and then sliced it up the front.  Then tragedy struck, as my scissors caught a bit of the back while cutting the front, resulting in a 1cm hole!  So I also learned how to darn a sweater. :)

Not my fave make, but it'll certainly get some wear, as light-layers season is upon us!

Ohhey, time for a survey.  If this red and white tee were to get the add-a-skirt maternity treatment...

...what color would that skirt be?  Red? Black? Grey? Stripes? Some alternate color?  Discuss.  


  1. A nice black skirt
    Love the things you make

  2. Love the sweater! I think red or black could totally work.

    1. Thanks Jordan! I think you're right, black is simple and good.