Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Quilted Letters

I alluded to this project over a month ago, and really it was a quick sew, but I made the mistake of giving these little lovelies to Soph before photographing them and then...well...I could only locate six of them at any given time so I couldn't get the pictures to tell you about them.   Here's the tutorial.  You'll notice that I do not have a picture of all 26 letters lined up like she does because I still am three short.  They are somewhere in the toy boxes/bags, I'm sure. 

I bought some white minkey fabric for the backs of these, but the fronts and the batting in the middle are all scrap, so this was a nice cheap one. 

I love these, and I'll say that Soph likes them, but not as much as I do :).  I'm confident we'll grow into them. She does know all the letters in her name, and as she learns more I think she'll enjoy these more and more.  

I really loved making these and was actually sad when the project ended.  I found the quilting so therapeutic.  I have never quilted on my machine before, and the freehand nature and low-pressure result made it a good confidence booster. It made me feel like I could do the quilting for Two's quilt and be able to let go of imperfections and enjoy it.  I found that if I sewed really fast the curves came out better, kind of control right on the edge of being out of control, like skiing but without breaking your legs.

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