Saturday, May 10, 2014

Toddler Weighted Vest

I made this weighted vest for a young friend of ours, and I thought it turned out cute enough to share. 

The patterns is traced from an existing vest. 

Here's the technical details of what I found worked, skip if you're not looking to make one of these:

The pockets inside are double layer: I cut strips of fabric 8"high and sewed them in half to make 4", then folded up the bottom when sewing the strips on.  The weights are about 2.5" in diameter each, and there are pockets for 20, each individually sewn around, so the weights don't shift, and closing with velcro. 

In case it's hard to see, you're looking at pockets for individual weights (starting off at 4"x8" and folded down from there) on either chest, strips with 4 pockets (8"x10.75") on the back and the long strip holds 8 pockets (cut strip at 8"x26", though in the future I'd do separate pockets on front and back instead of one long strip, as it was hard to position and the end result would be the same). I double-sewed all the pockets, reenforced the vest seams pretty well, and sewed each velcro piece like the dickens, to try and stand up to lots of abuse. I used this timely tutorial from Colette to clean finish the armholes. It closes in front with more velcro.

I haven't given it to it's intended owner yet and I am crossing every finger and toe that this baby fits!

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