Thursday, June 5, 2014

Knit Maternity Dress Part Two

I'm pretty sure I started cutting the fabric for this little number the day I finished the last one.  It's the same pattern, though I modified it further by widening the shoulders and neckline (making the V-neck a little less va-va-voom) and then lined it with self-fabric instead of adding sleeves or finishing the hem.  Rocked this tute for finishing a lined bodice again.

This is one of those fabrics I've been holding onto for years, destined for a specific project that is just never going to happen...if I haven't gotten excited enough to make it yet, well, that says something doesn't it? I'm pretty sure I bought the fabric in Scotland, and the buttons are from my NYC trip last year, so this dress has some serious just-use-it-already stash-busting mojo. The fabric has a lovely feel, although three years later I'm not quite sure why I bought it, as I don't love the color. But the buttons? Oh, those buttons! If I ever tire of this dress I will rescue them for another project, they are so dreamy!

It was pointed out to me that my dress and fitbit match...time to get some accessory bands! This dress really calls for a navy fitbit, eh?

Button Closeup!
"OMG we're twinsies!
On another note, the garden is, knock wood, flourishing for the first time this year! After years of epic fails we thought, gee, perhaps we should augment our soil...? Duh! A truckload of compost later, you're looking at staggered plantings of carrots, chard, green beans, peas, and tomatoes.

The peas especially are my pride and joy. I have to visit them every day like the huge dork that I am.  Step one, make things grow: check plus! Step two, eat it before the squirrels do...we shall see.

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