Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fishy Curtains

At 37 weeks pregnant, I do not cook, clean, or move more than absolutely necessary...but for some reason getting the kids' rooms decorated just so has become an all-consuming obsession.  Full tour when they're all done, but for today I wanted to share this little curtain update, since it turned out so cute.

Some poor planning 3 years ago led to a room switch-er-roo for everybody: in order for the kids to be in rooms next to each other and to put us at the top of the stairs instead of them, we moved Soph into the guest room, us into her old nursery, and Baby Brother is going in our old room.  (all the rooms are the same size.)  Most of the house got a coat of grey paint and now I'm a decorating fool. These curtains were stolen from Soph's old room/our new room (don't worry, there's won't be a quiz). They were boring, slightly ugly shiny white poly blackout curtains. 

The fabrics I was loving on were all too busy for the full curtains (um Hello This Adorable Lobster Print!), so I decided to just add a little pizazz to these curtains. I cut strips of these fish 10" wide and pressed under 1/4" on the cut edges, then just topstitched them on. (By "just" I mean these took me about 3-4 hours, quite a bit more than I had expected!)

This belly.  Dude. 

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