Thursday, October 30, 2014

Big Girl's Raindrops Room Tour

Decorating Sophie's new Big Girl room was really a pleasure for me, an obsession all summer. Considering we were making her move rooms, and the whole new-baby thing, we wanted to make it a Big Deal for her, and she is, thankfully, as obsessed with the outcome as I am.  The inspiration originally came from this raindrops room, and I really love the direction in which we took it.  I love this room because it is like my girl: feminine, but not overly girly.  Fun and smart. 

I also love the addition of all of the touches from my childhood. My saintly parents saved the dollhouse, doll cradle, and tons of books and clothes (including the Glacier National Park shirt in the pic below) for me.

Soph is a big fan of the room; she calls it her "fancy room" and shows everyone who comes over, even months after it was finished, even people like our parents who have seen it half a hundred times by now.  

I made the raindrops using a stencil I cut from blank stencil plastic from Michael's. The paint is from her old room, some of it I modified by adding other paints to darken it, since we were painting on grey instead of white.  It took two coats in really only about 4 hours.  Poor baby Wes, subjected to 4 hours of paint fumes in utero for the sake of his sister's Big Girl room. There goes Harvard, I guess... 

Books feature prominently: my girl shares her parents' obsession with reading (or being read to as the case may be).  

The slipcover for our Ikea Poang is custom from an etsy seller, Colorful Covers.  An outstanding purchasing experience.  I selected fabric online and simply had it shipped to her. Magic!

The curtains are me-made, a super simple matter of zig-zag stitching around the edges of some lace fabric and zig-zagging on the pom-pom trim.  I didn't even turn under the edges, just stitched.  The room was a tiny bit dreary before the curtains.  With them I think it it light and bright and airy.  

The giraffe was a gift from my mother when Sophie was born, a protective amulet handmade in Africa.

Sources: Crib and Dresser: Baby Cache from Babies R Us; Poang chair, bookshelf, and puke- love-stained rug: Ikea; grey baskets and pink-and-white bins: Home Goods; Custom Chair Cover: Colorful Covers; Sunshine print: pumpkin and butterfly on Etsy; Color changing sleep clock (love this!): Tot Clock; Wooden Bunny Piggy Bank: Pearhead

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  1. So cute! All of it!
    I need to remember Ikea for a bookcase when we need one for Graham's room. But with the twin bed in there now, I still need the changing table and there just wasn't room. Maybe next year. In the meantime, I have piles and piles of books that now have no home because the girls' bookcase is also full. I need some shelving ideas. You're creative - help me, friend!

    I love reading your posts. "There goes Harvard..." LOL I need more Elise humor in my life! And don't you just love Etsy? It makes decorating so much easier. (ie: I don't ever have to leave my home.)